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Cleaning and sealing your property's pavers helps you protect them from grease, oil, and rust stains. In fact, a seal provides a moderate gloss, a protective coating, and a high resistance to abrasion just by itself. You can count on Prestige Pavers of Bay Co. to provide you with quality paving work for both your residential and commercial properties. Schedule a sealing service today by contacting us for an appointment.

Protective waterproofing seals

Choose a locally owned and operated paving company that's been in business since 1997 for all your sealing jobs.

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Prestige Pavers of Bay Co. offers paver cleaning and sealing  services for those who want to keep their driveways, patios, porches, walkways and pool deck areas pristine and welcoming.  We can restore your pavers or assist with pavers that are sinking.  Sealing is ideal for new surfaces to ensure that they stay looking good for years to come.  Our desire to help you with all your paver needs.  

A word about cleaning and sealing pavers

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“Whether you have a need for practicality, functionality, or simply a dream, our team of dedicated brick paver professionals have innovative design ideas and solutions to capture your home’s unique character and reflect your individual lifestyle.”